Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Persistence with Joose, CouchDB, etc.

Joose's super easy to use automatic object JSON serialization and deserialization using Joose.Storage really seems to open up people's imagination.

Mike Walker wrote about integrating Joose with a CouchDB backend in his blog and after I invited hime to join the Joose mailing list we started a very interesting thread about attaching further db backends to the OR-Mapper that was originally created for the Google Gears and HTML5 databases.

Other people are interested in a CouchDB backend for Joose, too, which might lead to very interesting applications. Whether going back to a quasi old-school client-server, where the server is actually a database and not an application server, is of course another story.

blok, the Joose sample application for collaborative web-based editing of diagrams actually uses a programming model where the server plays a rather insignificant role and all logic is implemented on the client.
While blok currently uses a minimalistic Python backend that runs on Google App Engine, it could easily be ported to alternative backends such as CouchDB.

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