Monday, November 3, 2008

Joose test trial

We are preparing a new Joose release and we'd like to get feedback on test results under different configurations. If you have tests failures (or you don't) please post them here or at the mailing list:

As described in a earlier post, we can now run the Joose test suite under different real world scenarios. Because JavaScript is not very strong when it comes to separating code that is run within the same process there can always be side effects when code does weird stuff. We try to make Joose as robust as possible against these side effects.

The current known issues are
  • Google Chrome: Test file #7 crashes after 39 tests
  • All browsers: When run with Prototype.js two test in the jsonpickle test file fail
Here are the links to the different versions of the test suite:
Please report all failures. I personally tested with FF 3.0.3 on Mac, IE7, Safari 3 and Chrome.

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