Monday, December 8, 2008

The first days in the clouds

Thanks to Ajaxian and many others there was a lot of traffic on my post about the JavaScript-in-the-cloud-system.
The first effect was that the mighty cloud went down all the time. This was largely due to the fact, that the system requires a somewhat long running (100-600 milliseconds) process on the App Engine servers. Google placed very strict quotas on these requests in order to keep their system stable und thus they frequently disabled the application. Marzia suggested on the App Engine group to ask for an increased quota and it looks like Google followed suit. At least the problems seems to have disappeared.

Since this was all just an experiment, I don't really know whether I'll do anything with it. It really seemed to drive people's imaginations, though. Some of this ideas where:
  • Create SETI for JavaScript
  • Start a botnet
  • Calculate PI
  • Use it to build a very parallel (as in every user of the internet) web crawler
  • Build this into Flash banners to put them to good use
In any case the system shows that Joose can really increase JavaScript's productivity. The whole system was created between 01:30 am and 05:30 am which I think is not too much time for something which could also have just not worked.

If anybody is interested in using the system, just drop me a mail malte.ubl (at) or write to the Joose mailing list.
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