Sunday, January 4, 2009

Type constraints for method parameters (and return values)

As an add on to type constraints for instance variables (see last post) we think about adding them to method parameters and maybe even method return values. The hard part here is not the implementation but rather to find a nice syntax to declare these constraints. Here are a couple examples of possible definitions for typed method signatures:
    Class("TypedMethodParas", {
methods: {
typed1: [
[Joose.Type.Int, Joose.Type.Date],
function (int, date) {
// ...

typed2: {
takes: [Joose.Type.Int, Joose.Type.Date],
does: function (int, date) {
// ...
returns: Joose.Type.Int

typed3: Method(Joose.Type.Int, Joose.Type.Date, function (int, date) {

Which one do you like best? Do you have better ideas? Is this feature even worthwhile?

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