Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joose 2.0 "death of parseInt" released

The Joose team is very proud to announce the release of Joose 2.0.

Joose is a self-hosting meta object system for JavaScript with support for classes, inheritance, mixins, traits, method modifiers and more.

Joose makes object-oriented programming with JavaScript easy, declarative and very productive. The Joose meta-object system is multi-paradigm. It supports class-based and prototype-based programming styles as well as class-based inheritance and role-based extention.

The Joose framework has been successfully used in multiple production systems for twelve months now and has been proven to be very stable. Joose is being tested using an automated unit-test suite that is being run in all major browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome).

To get started with Joose we recommend to read the getting started guide.

Major News

Support for types and type coercions in attributes and method signatures
JavaScript purists might find this a little disturbing but Joose now supports type declaration. Joose types, however, are quite the opposite of static types, because they try very hard to convert everything you throw at them to the type you want. parseInt is dead!
Here is the documentation.


  • Builtin support for turning a class into a singleton
  • Support for Rhino without need for special configuration
  • The default namespace for types (which used to be experimental) is now Joose.Type
  • Experimental support for multi method dispatch. Examples.
  • Made integrating Joose with other class builders easier.
  • Fixed type checks for arrays (thanks Silvan).
  • Fixed an issue when overriding getters and setters defined in a super class.
  • Improved error messages when defining properties of classes, etc. but passing null to the property (happens easily when you have a typo in the last part of a name spaced identifier).
Other News
Joose has been carefully tested to play well with other JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype and YUI and with both browser based and stand-alone/server-sided JavaScript engines. See this page or a full list.

Have fun playing with Joose.


mrBob said...

Great news! I only recently came across Joose but am already planning to start using it on a personal project that may see the light of day soon.

Unknown said...

You guys are impressive! Thank you for your innovative work!