Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Next Steps for Joose

While Joose 2.0 is happily living in the wild here is a look out to what is up in the days ahead:
  • Nickolay has in a tremendous effort split up the inner workings of Joose into more accesible parts. The basic strategy was to identify those parts which are absolutely neccessary for bootstrapping Joose (make it self-hosting) and then adding features step-by-step in further bootstrapping steps. This will make it easier for other contributors to understand the Joose guts and make their own contribution. The Joose test suite is still passing all tests so their should be no user visible changes.
  • Nickolay then continued to improve the module system making is reentrant and stackable. Modules can now be put into one another, can also be classes and can be loaded asynchronously
  • Based on this work Nickolay then proceeded to create an asynchronous dependency loader for Joose components and now works on making something that might become a central repository for Joose modules.
As a summary: Big thanks to Nickolay :)

Meanwhile me and my team are happily hacking on a large public website that is using Joose to represent models, views and controllers on the client side and my colleagues are using Joose on the server side inside Demandware (which is in turn using Rhino) to build web shops.


Samurai Jack said...

Thanks for good words Malte!

Hope there will be more Joose hackers soon )

Anonymous said...

For a Smalltalker like my Joose looks great!

What I now need is:

1) Write out Joose / JS from Smalltalk code. Some work exists (ST2JS).

2) A class library in Joose/JS with all basic Smalltalk classes like Dictionary, Collections etc.

I don't have time in the next couple of months but I will definitely look at both later this year.

Good luck!