Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One event loop to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Based on my earlier work to bring transparent pub-sub semantics to web workers I implemented a pub-sub framework that does the same for server sided JavaScript.
The implementation is built on the excellent ServerJS platform and Kevin Dangoor's early prototype ServerJS bespin backend.

This means that you can now do something like this on the server side:
bespin.subscribe("test", function (event) {
bespin.publish("test:receive", event)
and then do
bespin.publish("test", { some: "data" })
on the client. Because the server listens for that event, the event defined above will now fire. In the code snippet above the server immediately fires "test:receive". If now the client is subscriped to that event, this subscription will fire.

Events are transferred to the server via simple HTTP requests. Also the client maintains a comet connection to the server which is used to transfer events which are published on the server to the client.

Based on my twitter stream the implementation of this protoype took under 2 hours. Considering it was my first ever ServerJS application, I can only applaud the people behind ServerJS to the awesomeness of their work. While the current state is still somewhat experimental, it is amazing how much was achieved in so little time.

PS: It is only bespin.subscribe above because I did: var bespin = require("./pubsub").pubsub;

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