Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bringing the awesome JSConf to Europe

@janl, @hblank and @me are proud to announce that we will bring JSConf to Europe!

From the announcement:

JSConf in Washington, DC in April this year proved to be the homecoming of a JavaScript community that didn't know it existed. The conference got top marks all around for content, community and fun. With, we let that spirit live on and give JavaScript a home in Europe. (why let the americans have all the fun? :)

Mark November 7th/8th in your calendar, we'll be presenting top speakers in the field and a relaxing atmosphere in Berlin, Germany's pulsing capital. Join us for a two-day, community-focussed indie conference with top technical content around your favourite language and great opportunities to meet like-minded people.

Our speakers so far include:
Amy Hoy,
Thomas Fuchs,
John Resig,
Dion Almaer &
Ben Galbraith

I'm really looking forward to the event. See you there!

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