Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running the Bespin command line from the, well, the command line

I felt a little masochistic today which left two possibilities open:
  1. fix IE6 bugs in (pick any project)
  2. program in AppleScript
I chose #2.

The following script will execute it's command line arguments as commands inside bespin (if it is running in the current tab of Safari).
on run argv
tell application "Safari"

set docs to every document

set cmd to ""
repeat with c in argv
set cmd to cmd & c & " "
end repeat

set js to "(function () {if(typeof bespin != 'undefined') { return bespin.get('commandLine').executeCommand('" & cmd & "').output.replace(/]*>/g, '\\n').replace(/<[^>]*>/g, '') } else { return '' }})()"

set out to ""

repeat with doc in docs

set output to do JavaScript js in doc

set out to out & "
" & output

end repeat


end tell
end run

Wrap this in a little shell script:
cp bespin.scpt
osascript "$@"

(Don't ask about line two (it is part of the masochism experience :))

... and now stuff like this works:
-bash-3.2$ ./bespin set | grep collab
collaborate = off

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