Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another week in Streamie

Just a quick recap what we did in Streamie this week:
  • Your own tweets now show up with opposite orientation (thanks to @helgri)
  • You can now upload images to be included in statuses
  • We now display your direct messages and you can write them using the standard "d username" twitter syntax
  • We use fancy utf8 characters as icons. This didn't really work on Windows. @helgri added images as a fallback.
  • @joemccann made the "run your own streamie" experience a little smoother
  • If a proxy gets in the way of web sockets we now fall back to more conservative transport methods automatically. If Streamie didn't work for you before, maybe it does now.
Last but not least, @AliceLikesBob provided a patch to integrate chrome notifications into Streamie. This will be integrated shortly.

Next to the direct contributions, people continue to have fun with their own versions of streamie. There are now 27 forks on Github.

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