Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The first week of is now one week old. It is already quite usable as a Twitter client and I personally dogfood it 100%. People also seem to like it.

People are also starting to make their own versions of the client (Learn how to do it here). E.g., we will soon get a version of Streamie that actually works well on Windows. The current version uses UTF8 characters which are not included in Windows-Default-Arial.

So what's next
  • Maybe a nice homepage
  • Nicer oAuth dialogs
  • Maybe a command line
  • jQuery style filtering of tweets e.g. $(".status.retweet contains('@phiggins')").hide()
  • Options
  • Direct Messages
If you want to do fun things with Streamie, I suggest you start in app.js and start making your own streamPlugin. E.G. you could color all tweets red that include the word Dojo.
Because Streamie was supposed to be hackable I did actually write source level docs. Let me know what extra info you need.

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