Sunday, September 5, 2010

Streaming along

In it's second week of development Streamie is starting to gain quite a few convenience features beyong the simple one like "Yes, we can actually post a status".

The new features are
  • Previews of image links
  • Click on "in reply to" shows ALL tweets of that conversation. This is awesome. Try it!
  • Auto completion of twitter names
  • A page for new users that describes what streamie is
  • Settings
  • ... and many, many small improvements
Streamie is aiming to be the most customizable and developer friendly Twitter client in the world (See how you can make your own version). It is starting to be an active open source project. Streamie now includes contributions from these awesome people: @helgri, @antimatter15, @mathias. Overall there are now 17 forks on github.

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