Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Streamie and the Chrome webstore

Full Disclosure: I work for Google but Streamie is my private just-for-fun project. Your results may vary.

I will do a post on Streamie's overall Analytics soon, but lets start off with the numbers related to the Chrome webstore.
This data is from the first week of 2011. Streamie was used by a hardcore scene of enthusiastic users and the numbers weren't big. At this time Streamie was already in the webstore but it wasn't actually available to users of the stable version of Chrome.

The Chrome webstore launched to all users on January 7th and on January 12th Streamie became a featured application. This is what happened:

I will put more data on what happened after that in a later post, but as far as the Chrome webstore is concerned it continued to send a significant amount of traffic to the site (both as direct referrers and from the newtab page).

Some final numbers:
Users who have Streamie installed as an app in Chrome have
- spend 300,029 minutes using Streamie
- send about 10,000 tweets with Streamie

I'm personally somewhat surprised with the overall traffic that Streamie is receiving. It is nice that people like it. The Chrome webstore definitely helped pushing the traffic to a new level, though, which, of course, triggered a lot of blog posts and tweets and then more traffic :)

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