Thursday, March 6, 2014

Comcast is such a fail – it is hard to express.

Comcast is such a fail – it is hard to express.
I'm moving Saturday, so I ordered a transfer of service. This alone took me one hour, because I had to realize that the flow only works when not logged in – when logged in the website gets stuck in a stupid upsell flow trying to sell me some kind of TV service that has this weird concept of channels where you can't pick what you want to see.

Of course, you can't actually complete this online: They want to call you to finalize the transfer. OK. They tried calling me 3 times. Every time I picked up and there was nobody on the other end. 4th time it worked. After getting my details the person who called me put me on hold "for just a few seconds" and then I stayed there for 15 minutes until I finally hang up.

In related news internet service at my old house is super flaky, requiring a modem restart about every 15 minutes. Now tethering LTE over T-Mobile. Argghhh.